1. Foundry
  2. Machining Facility
  3. Fabrication Facility
  4. Assembly
  5. Design Center


Patel Alloy Steel (P) Ltd specializes in manufacturing of high quality, thick walled, hand moulded SGI (Spheroidal / Nodular Graphite Iron) castings. We have an installed capacity of 40,000 tonnes/annum and can supply fully machined and painted castings ready for assembly. We can produce a single piece casting up to 40 tonnes.

We use medium frequency Induction furnaces for all our melting and best in class material handling equipment.

We have a fully equipped Physical Testing Lab, Chemical lab and the latest Non Destructive Testing equipment .

Our trained and dedicated manpower enables us to produce high quality and defect free castings on a consistent basis.

We cater to the following industries

Wind Turbine Generators:
Hub, Main Frame, Shaft, Base Frame, Main Bearing Housing, Nacelle Components

Plastic Injection Moulding Machines:
Mould Plate, Frame, Ram, Cylinder, Hydraulic Blocks, Sledge

Gear Box:
Planetary Carrier, Torque arm Gear Box Housings

Oil Engines/Compressors:
Crank cases, Compressor body

Steam Turbine:
Exhaust Casings, Blade carriers, Bearing Bodies


Welding Platens